Ingrid Bennett

Interlake Real Estate
56 Centre Street
Gimli, Manitoba
R0C 1B0
Office: 888-642-8501
Cell: 204-642-2089
Fax: 204-642-8457

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Ingrid Bennett has received numerous awards for sales achievements from Winnipeg Realtors, and has received a gold Medallion for sales from Winnipeg Realtors in 2012 and a silver in 2013. She is also the Broker in the Arborg office. Ingrid is also fluent in German. Creating smiles that will m.o.v.e you. Prior to being in Real Estate Ingrid was a dental nurse and dental hygienist and enjoys living in the Interlake area of Manitoba which is famous for it's great lake, fishing industry and being home to Seagram's Distillery due to the great water there.
Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
  00000000001708121 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Residence 0.35 acres $429,900.00 Image
New 00000000001717549 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Residence 1 acres $369,900.00 Image
  00000000001713690 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Land 22.98 acres $330,000.00 Image
New 00000000001724061 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Residence 160 acres $249,500.00 Image
  00000000001721673 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 1296 sqft $199,000.00 Image
New 00000000001725315 Manitoba 1360 sqft $195,000.00 Image
  00000000001713683 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 0.28 acres $189,900.00 Image
New 00000000001725211 Manitoba 1.5 acres $184,500.00 Image
New 00000000001721164 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 1302 sqft $182,500.00 Image
  00000000001710197 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 2.5 acres $155,000.00 Image
New 00000000001724592 Manitoba 1.27 acres $139,900.00 Image
  00000000001708082 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 1365 sqft $129,900.00 Image
  00000000001715180 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Cabin/Cottage 1008 sqft $87,500.00 Image
  00000000001723531 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Building Lot 0.95 acres $57,500.00 Image
  00000000001715474 Manitoba Unknown Land 160 acres $40,000.00 Image
  00000000001709438 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Image
  00000000001630722 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Building Lot n/a $37,900.00 Image
  00000000001708882 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Building Lot 0.37 acres $35,000.00 Image
  00000000001708883 Manitoba Lake Winnipeg Building Lot 0.28 acres $25,000.00 Image

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