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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
New 000000000SK584560 Saskatchewan Candle Lake Business 35.57 acres $7,575,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK584565 Saskatchewan Candle Lake Cabin/Cottage 158.33 acres $4,650,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK612465 Saskatchewan None Land 4892 acres $4,500,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK611383 Saskatchewan None Land 59.36 acres $3,560,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK596024 Saskatchewan Unknown Residence 959 sqft $3,550,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK607679 Saskatchewan Last Mountain Lake Residence 2235 sqft $1,890,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK615476 Saskatchewan Crystal Lake Residence 280526 sqft $1,800,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK615387 Saskatchewan Crystal Lake Residence 6.44 acres $1,800,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK593569 Saskatchewan None Land 118 acres $1,800,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK591133 Saskatchewan None Land 1.37 acres $1,750,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK588217 Saskatchewan North Saskatchewan River Residence 4713 sqft $1,649,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK604844 Saskatchewan Lake Simcoe Development 36.77 acres $1,600,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK589839 Saskatchewan Torch River Business 0.7 sqft $1,500,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK605912 Saskatchewan Echo Lake Residence 22200 sqft $1,490,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK703856 Saskatchewan 0.51 acres $1,395,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK611782 Saskatchewan None Residence 149.3 acres $1,300,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK611986 Saskatchewan Kipabiskau Lake Business 161.15 acres $1,290,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK594606 Saskatchewan Jackfish Lake Residence 2125 sqft $1,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK594026 Saskatchewan Unknown Land 1202 sqft $1,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK610192 Saskatchewan Emma Lake Residence 2886 sqft $1,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK609126 Saskatchewan None Business 0.75 sqft $1,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK594238 Saskatchewan Unknown Land 609 sqft $1,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK616806 Saskatchewan None Development 150 sqft $1,200,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK611291 Saskatchewan Unknown Residence 4170 sqft $1,200,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK615825 Saskatchewan Green Lake Cabin/Cottage 2648 sqft $1,199,900.00 Image
New 000000000SK611209 Saskatchewan Last Mountain Lake Residence 40.11 acres $1,100,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK588926 Saskatchewan None Residence 80.6 acres $1,100,000.00 Image
New 000000000SK612334 Saskatchewan None Land 148 acres $1,100,000.00 Image

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