Cottages and Recreational Properties for Sale in Canada
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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
New 000000000SJ180641 New Brunswick n/a $30,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ173829 New Brunswick Waweig River Building Lot 320 sqft $25,500.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180540 New Brunswick n/a $14,900.00 Info
  000000000SJ180272 New Brunswick None Land n/a $500,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ172167 New Brunswick None Land n/a $10,000.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180737 New Brunswick n/a $55,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ180624 New Brunswick n/a $10,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ171188 New Brunswick None Land n/a $400,000.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180710 New Brunswick n/a $19,900.00 Info
  000000000SJ173831 New Brunswick Oak Bay Land n/a $349,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ174459 New Brunswick None Land n/a $19,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ180003 New Brunswick None Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Info
  000000000SJ180004 New Brunswick None Land n/a $89,900.00 Info
  000000000SJ172456 New Brunswick None Building Lot n/a $9,900.00 Info
New 00000000002776136 New Brunswick n/a $48,000.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180711 New Brunswick n/a $19,900.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180712 New Brunswick n/a $19,900.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180713 New Brunswick n/a $19,900.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180790 New Brunswick 1512 sqft $249,900.00 Info
New 000000000SJ180769 New Brunswick n/a $265,000.00 Info
  000000000SJ172416 New Brunswick Chamcook Lake Land n/a $225,000.00 Info
  0000000000M113043 New Brunswick Northumberland Strait Residence 1072 sqft $170,000.00 Image
  000000000SJ180021 New Brunswick Washademoak Lake Residence 4600 sqft $499,900.00 Image
New 000000000SJ180760 New Brunswick 1500 sqft $99,900.00 Image
New 000000000SJ180771 New Brunswick 2800 sqft $349,000.00 Image
  000000000SJ165560 New Brunswick Canaan River Business 1976 sqft $185,900.00 Image
  00000000004119827 New Brunswick n/a $89,900.00 Image
New 000000000SJ180672 New Brunswick Salmon River Residence 1200 sqft $164,900.00 Image

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