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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
  000000000X3777245 Ontario McCrae Lake Cabin/Cottage n/a $329,000.00 Image
  000000LA391650194 Ontario Drag Lake Cabin/Cottage 684 acres $3,599,000.00 Image
  00000LA391650194A Ontario Drag Lake Cabin/Cottage 684 acres $3,599,000.00 Image
  000000000SM120713 Ontario Big Basswood Lake Cabin/Cottage 1672 sqft $424,900.00 Image
  00000000030617231 Ontario None Residence 52 acres $455,000.00 Image
  00000000000103344 Ontario None Cabin/Cottage 43 acres $259,900.00 Image
  00000000001023811 Ontario Ottawa River Building Lot 2.24 acres $139,000.00 Image
  000000000N4009315 Ontario None Land 64.8 acres $695,000.00 Image
  00000000001030495 Ontario Ottawa River Residence n/a $169,900.00 Image
  00000000001065236 Ontario Big Rideau Lake Cabin/Cottage 0.22 acres $239,900.00 Image
  000000LA481460544 Ontario Lake Muskoka Building Lot 6.03 acres $299,950.00 Image
  000000LA481460547 Ontario Cassidy Lake Building Lot 9.02 acres $399,950.00 Image
New 00000000SG1723060 Ontario Georgian Bay Cabin/Cottage 2400 sqft $1,149,500.00 Image
  000000000X3982736 Ontario Cameron Lake Building Lot n/a $86,900.00 Image
  000000000H4007169 Ontario None Land n/a $125,000.00 Image
New 00000000SG1725210 Ontario None Residence 2700 sqft $599,900.00 Image
New 0000000400390078D Ontario n/a $69,500.00 Info
New 00000000400390078 Ontario n/a $69,500.00 Info
  000000LA391890114 Ontario Twelve Mile Lake Business 256 acres $1,385,000.00 Image
  000000000N3982628 Ontario None Residence n/a $1,495,000.00 Image
New 00000000030616817 Ontario Lake Ontario Residence 2657 sqft $2,199,000.00 Image
New 000000000X4019948 Ontario None Residence n/a $3,799,000.00 Image
New GB234100000203950A Ontario None Residence 32.66 acres $849,900.00 Image
  000000000Z3851471 Ontario Unknown Condo n/a $860,000.00 Image
New 00000000030593977 Ontario Lake Simcoe Residence 3000 sqft $3,500,000.00 Image
  00000000001062944 Ontario Ottawa River Building Lot 1.98 acres $119,900.00 Image
  000000000N3982955 Ontario Lake Wilcox Cabin/Cottage n/a $778,000.00 Image
  000000LA740210808 Ontario Lake Simcoe Cabin/Cottage 1832 sqft $779,900.00 Image

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