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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
  00000000000007803 British Columbia Salish Sea Building Lot 1161.2875 m2 $48,500.00 Image
  000000000E4050232 Alberta None Land 3.21 acres $48,000.00 Image
  00000000000152600 British Columbia Osoyoos Lake Condo 642 sqft $48,000.00 Image
New 00000000002776136 New Brunswick n/a $48,000.00 Info
New 00000000201723282 Nova Scotia n/a $48,000.00 Image
  00000000201726615 Nova Scotia None Land n/a $48,000.00 Image
New 00000000201712278 Nova Scotia Lake Rossignol Residence n/a $48,000.00 Image
  00000000004159855 New Brunswick None Cabin/Cottage n/a $48,000.00 Image
New 00000000013893236 Quebec Unknown Cabin/Cottage 4000 sq m $48,000.00 Image
  0000000000M112360 New Brunswick n/a $48,000.00 Image
  00000000201512094 Nova Scotia None Land n/a $47,900.00 Image
  00000000201801467 Nova Scotia None Land n/a $47,900.00 Image
  00000000201712124 Nova Scotia Nine Mile Lake Building Lot n/a $47,900.00 Image
  00000000201729749 Prince Edward Island Atlantic Ocean Residence n/a $47,900.00 Info
New 00000000sc0126436 Alberta 0.1 acres $47,900.00 Image
New 000000000SJ180575 New Brunswick 3400 sqft $47,500.00 Image
New 000000000SJ180576 New Brunswick 3400 sqft $47,500.00 Image
New 00000000001802651 Manitoba 910 sqft $47,000.00 Info
  00000000002857322 New Brunswick 1120 sqft $47,000.00 Image
  00000000005050913 Nova Scotia n/a $47,000.00 Image
  00000000201626647 Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy Building Lot 6.6 sqft $47,000.00 Image
New 000000000C8017222 British Columbia 596 sqft $47,000.00 Info
New 000000000TB180282 Ontario 43.97 acres $47,000.00 Info
  00000000000416843 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 812 sqft $47,000.00 Image
  00000000000007656 Saskatchewan Anderson Lake, SK Land 12 Acres $47,000.00 Image
New 000000000SM121217 Ontario n/a $46,900.00 Image
New 000000000SM121219 Ontario n/a $46,900.00 Image
New 000000000SK719376 Saskatchewan 720 sqft $46,700.00 Image

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