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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
  000000000R2192687 British Columbia Semiahmoo Bay Residence 13978 sqft $4,250,000.00 Info
New 000000000C8016342 British Columbia Quesnel Lake Business 12.7 acres $4,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2203114 British Columbia Burrard Inlet Building Lot 19816.33 sqft $4,180,000.00 Image
New 00000000010135568 British Columbia Kalamalka Lake Residence 190 acres $4,000,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2210772 British Columbia None Residence 1.54 acres $4,000,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2226650 British Columbia Strait of Georgia Residence 4.04 acres $3,980,000.00 Image
  00000000000421547 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 4.96 acres $3,900,000.00 Image
  00000000000359252 British Columbia Strait of Georgia Development 1.62 acres $3,900,000.00 Image
  00000000000397547 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 49.75 acres $3,900,000.00 Image
  00000000000170022 British Columbia Vaseux Lake Residence 1.07 acres $3,890,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2231097 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 8200 sqft $3,880,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2229882 British Columbia None Residence 11625 sqft $3,880,000.00 Image
New 00000000000386384 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 9180 sqft $3,860,000.00 Image
  000000000R2229464 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 7410 sqft $3,788,000.00 Image
  00000000000393115 British Columbia Johnstone Strait Residence 82 acres $3,750,000.00 Image
  00000000000432903 British Columbia Strait of Georgia Land 52.04 acres $3,750,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2230299 British Columbia None Residence 42 acres $3,680,000.00 Image
  000000000C8015537 British Columbia None Business 461736 sqft $3,680,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2209335 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Building Lot 6915 sqft $3,680,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2211336 British Columbia Pacific Ocean Residence 22478 sqft $3,600,000.00 Image
  00000000010144995 British Columbia Okanagan Lake Development 120 acres $3,590,000.00 Image
  00000000000432178 British Columbia Strait of Georgia Residence 1.04 acres $3,500,000.00 Image
  000000000R2228436 British Columbia None Residence 2390 sqft $3,499,000.00 Image
New 000000000R2215260 British Columbia None Building Lot 9.41 acres $3,388,800.00 Image
New 000000000R2221327 British Columbia None Land 98750 sqft $3,288,000.00 Info
New 000000000R2197709 British Columbia Fraser River Land 7340 sqft $3,250,000.00 Image
New 00000000002427222 British Columbia None Business 23.4 acres $3,250,000.00 Image
New 000000000C8015623 British Columbia None Land 1769407 sqft $3,200,000.00 Image

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