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Listing Province Nearest Waterbody Property Type Land Size List Price Image
  00370106000000400 Ontario Lake Erie Building Lot n/a $45,000.00 Image
  00000000001082316 Ontario Ottawa River Building Lot 0.8 acres $44,900.00 Image
  000000LA480810405 Ontario None Building Lot 267 acres $44,900.00 Image
  00000000000007724 Ontario Wolfe Lake Other N/A $44,900.00 Image
  000000000SM118807 Ontario Lake Superior Building Lot n/a $44,900.00 Image
  0000000443010053A Ontario None Building Lot n/a $44,900.00 Image
  00000000512080307 Ontario Crowe River Building Lot n/a $42,000.00 Image
  000000000SM118799 Ontario Lake Huron Land n/a $42,000.00 Image
New 00000000001088320 Ontario None Land 1.5 acres $41,500.00 Image
New 00000000001057076 Ontario None Cabin/Cottage n/a $39,999.00 Image
  000000LA480410056 Ontario Sparrow Lake Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Image
  000000LA392660156 Ontario Negaunee Lake Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Image
  000000000SM120798 Ontario Echo Lake Land 450 sqft $39,900.00 Image
New 00000000030631823 Ontario 1614 sqft $39,900.00 Image
New 000000000SM121069 Ontario 486 sqft $39,900.00 Image
New 00000000030631886 Ontario n/a $39,900.00 Image
  000000000SM117850 Ontario St. Joseph Island Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Image
New 00000000000104744 Ontario 0.21 acres $39,900.00 Image
  000000000TB173568 Ontario None Land 24.4 acres $39,900.00 Image
  00000000000007726 Ontario Upper Rideau Lake Land 2 Acres $39,900.00 Image
  00000000000007727 Ontario Upper Rideau Lake Land 2 Acres $39,900.00 Image
  00000000000007728 Ontario Wolfe Lake Other N/A $39,900.00 Image
  00000000001030651 Ontario North Channel Building Lot n/a $39,900.00 Image
New 00000000000105293 Ontario 0.25 acres $39,900.00 Image
New 000000000N4018055 Ontario 750 sqft $39,000.00 Image
  00000000001040404 Ontario Gore Bay Building Lot n/a $39,000.00 Image
  00000000400520082 Ontario Baptiste Lake Land n/a $38,900.00 Image
  00000000000007729 Ontario Wolfe Lake Other N/A $38,800.00 Image

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